With its big territory and many landmarks, Iran appealed to me for a long time. I’ve been often thinking of taking three weeks to explore it as much as I could. But planning for perfection never works. It’s better to take a small bit now than hoping for a long trip with no fixed date. … Continue reading

The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a jewel of nature in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Let the pictures that you are going to see give you the desire to discover this place and meet their welcoming inhabitants. Traditional grass-roofed loghouse in Kirkjubour. There are only 52 thousand inhabitants on the Faroe Islands, but you do … Continue reading


Israel is real! Thanks to the numerous bank holidays that Mother Russia generously offers, I seized the opportunity and discovered Israel. It’s been a few weeks since I came back and I now realize how helpful the trip was. It helped me to understand quite a few things about the situation in Israel, its history, and the … Continue reading

Tips for Making your First Time in Japan more Comfortable

The Kasuga shinto shrine in Nara Going to Japan was haunting my dreams for more than a decade. Japan is a long distance flight; I should thoroughly prepare my trip, I thought. What if people don’t understand English and will be unable to help? Perfection paralysis made me postpone for years my decision to book … Continue reading

Norilsk and the Putorana Mountains

In a new attempt to go off the beaten track, I felt thrilled, when I was offered to go above the Arctic Circle to a remote place accessible only by air, and closed to foreigners. Have you ever heard about Norilsk? Norilsk is an industrial city in Russia, about 400 km north of the Arctic … Continue reading

The sweet taste of Armenia

Last week, while having lunch at my company cafeteria, my colleague Ashot was surprised when I told him that last weekend I went to Yerevan, his native city in Armenia. Indeed, Armenia would not come immediately in mind for a recreational trip, but this is definitely a country you should visit if you like authentic … Continue reading

Wine on the Burgundy Canal

This small post is not about a fareway, exotic place. It is about a travel out of time in the good old France, along the Canal of Burgundy and the Cote d’Or vineyards. Calmly stretching along hills, forests and fields, walking along the the Canal of Burgundy brings you a feeling of peace of mind. … Continue reading

Fearless Russian Bikers To Start Victory Journey

Despite chilly wind and sporadic snow, unusual for this period of year in Moscow, there were thousands of motorcyclists today at the motorcycle season opening ceremony. The party took place at the Bike Centre Sexton in the West of Moscow. This place is a Mecca for all Russian bikers, as it is the den of … Continue reading

Vietnam, a hint of déjà vu…

The entertaining Vietnamese puppet show on water. Vietnam, its jungles, its beaches, its food so exotic, its colonial past. All this sounded familiar to me. When I was six, my best schoolmate was born in Saigon. His parents had a Vietnamese restaurant in the north of Paris. I used to eat there almost every day … Continue reading


Let me introduce you to a tall, nice and brilliant guy named Charbel. He is a professor of Engineering in several prestigious universities in France and Lebanon. I met him for the first time before a glass of sweet Coteaux du Layon in a bar in Nantes, France, where people tend to be more relaxed … Continue reading

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