Lolitas and zombies in Moscow

Have you ever heard about the anime, manga, or lolitas world? If you are familiar with the Japanese pop culture, I bet you have! I was totally unaware of the Japanese pop culture until last Sunday, when I went the festival Hinode 2014 in Moscow. I had a wonderful time! Let me introduce you to 7 very nice people dressed up for the Hinode festival among the hundreds of other participants.

Hinode 8

It’s amazing how the Russians have embraced the Japanese anime culture so well, giving the fact that they were raised in Soviet animation films like Cheburashka or the Hedgehog in the fog . When I was 8 in Paris, I used to watch sometimes Japanese animation films, but I could never imagine to which extend this culture is diversified and has so much hardcore fans.

Hinode Moscow 7

This zombie girl had the cheapest and the most convincing costume in the same time.

Hinode 14

Hinode 9

Hinode Moscow 1

Hinode Moscow 5

Hinode Moscow 3

This costume was also among the simplest ones, yet it made a tremendous effect.

In my brown jacket, I felt like a white crow in that festival, so for next year I will certainly have my costume of Bioman ready!




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