The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a jewel of nature in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Let the pictures that you are going to see give you the desire to discover this place and meet their welcoming inhabitants. Traditional grass-roofed loghouse in Kirkjubour. There are only 52 thousand inhabitants on the Faroe Islands, but you do … Continue reading

Wine on the Burgundy Canal

This small post is not about a fareway, exotic place. It is about a travel out of time in the good old France, along the Canal of Burgundy and the Cote d’Or vineyards. Calmly stretching along hills, forests and fields, walking along the the Canal of Burgundy brings you a feeling of peace of mind. … Continue reading

The Dutch: high below sea level

My company sent me to the Netherlands. I was seeing myself enjoying the kind of life I had in Amsterdam when I was 20; Beer, herrings, museums and…no limits fun! But instead, I ended up in the South-East of the Netherlands, in a quiet place called Zeddam. Zeddam is close to the German frontier, in … Continue reading


The picturesque Charles Bridge (Karluv most) For a few miles, I got a free fare to Prague for a week-end in December. Just like Budapest, the last time I went to Prague was in 1992. Since that time, Czech Republic integrated the EU, the city benefited from massive foreign investments. The infrastructure greatly improved as … Continue reading

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