With its big territory and many landmarks, Iran appealed to me for a long time. I’ve been often thinking of taking three weeks to explore it as much as I could. But planning for perfection never works. It’s better to take a small bit now than hoping for a long trip with no fixed date. … Continue reading


Israel is real! Thanks to the numerous bank holidays that Mother Russia generously offers, I seized the opportunity and discovered Israel. It’s been a few weeks since I came back and I now realize how helpful the trip was. It helped me to understand quite a few things about the situation in Israel, its history, and the … Continue reading

The sweet taste of Armenia

Last week, while having lunch at my company cafeteria, my colleague Ashot was surprised when I told him that last weekend I went to Yerevan, his native city in Armenia. Indeed, Armenia would not come immediately in mind for a recreational trip, but this is definitely a country you should visit if you like authentic … Continue reading


Let me introduce you to a tall, nice and brilliant guy named Charbel. He is a professor of Engineering in several prestigious universities in France and Lebanon. I met him for the first time before a glass of sweet Coteaux du Layon in a bar in Nantes, France, where people tend to be more relaxed … Continue reading

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