Costa Rica (part 2)

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Coffee export is another great contributor to the economy. Costa Rica is famous for its high-quality shade-grown coffee. Costarican Tarrazú is one of best Arabica in the world. Here’s if you want to know how coffee grows and how do you make a good coffee.

Wildlife in Costa Rica is easy to spot but not easy to portrait. So better take a powerful telezoom. During my trip, I was mesmerized by visions of scarlet macau, a red-yellow-blue parrot with a long tail, white-headed capuchin monkeys, and even a resplendant quetzal, the colorful bird venered by the Mayas, but these glimpses were too short, alas, to grasp my camera and shoot them.

Blue Mot-Mot

Other animals were more participative and lenient with me, such as this blue Mot-Mot or this tree frog.

Red eyed tree frog

Costa Rica has all sorts of beautiful flowers.  One of the most famous is called Heliconia, which contains sweet water in its cup-like petals, making it a perfect bar for hummingbirds, as well as a good restaurant for yellow snakes feeding on them. The big Red Ginger flower is quite common in the cloud forest of  Costa Rica.

Red Ginger Flower

Stretched between the Coco and the Caribbean plates, Costa Rica is situated on the famous Ring of Fire of the Pacific. There are hundreds of volcanos, geysers, hot springs, in Costa Rica. One of them,  the Volcano Poas, which countains a lake made of water and sulphuric acid (PH 1,5), is situated in the Poas Regional Park, which is home to many endemic species. I recommend also to see the majestuous and perfectly conic Volcano Arenal, which erupted for the first time in 1968, after a rest of more than 2,000 years. It erupts regularly since then.

Volcano Poas

One of my best moments in Costa Rica was the discovery of a local Latino band called “La solucion”. I couldn’t stop listening to this disc. Here’s one of their best songs.

Costaricans usually greet each other by saying “pura vida”, which originally means “pure life”, and translates as “all is fine”. This is indeed the feeling you have by walking in the wonderful nature of Costa Rica.

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