Greece (part 2)

The Acropole in Athens is worth visiting at sunset. The sun gives the white stones a wonderful color and there is few people compared to busy mornings, when the site is packed with buses of tourists. Although buildings are covered by scaffoldings, they keep their majesty. In the Acropole, you can see, among many ancient buildings, the impressive Parthenon Doric temple, the Ionic Athena Nike temple and the Erechteion, flanked with the beautiful caryatids. The name comes from Acropolis, or upper city. Many Greek cities had their own fortified acropolis used as temples in times of peace and strongholds in times of war.

Epidaurus Theater

Nowhere else than in the Theater of Epidaurus can you see the strength of the figure “Phi”. “Phi” is the Greek name of a ratio you all know as the golden section. This ratio can be calculated with a mathematic operation, which gives a never ending figure, just like “Pi”. Its approximate result is 1,62. The gigantic theater is divided horizontally with this ratio. The acoustic in the Theater of Epidaurus is striking. You can whisper being in the middle of the stage, and spectators, situated on the upper tribune 100 meters above, will hear you. I tried myself.

Mistra church

The most stunning place I visited in Greece was Mystra, situated near the modern and faceless city of Sparta. Mystra is an archeological site of a Byzantine city. There are ruins, such as the stronghold atop the mountain, as well as buildings in a good state, such as a palace, churches, a monastery.

Mistra museum passageway

Apart from its kind people and Greek temples, Greece has something to offer that makes the trip definitely worth it. Almost everywhere you can find easily a tavern with delicious and cheap seafood and tasty local wines. I particularly recommend the red Nemea, and the white from Santorini. The sea view is complimentary.  << page 1 <<


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