Vietnam, a hint of déjà vu…

The entertaining Vietnamese puppet show on water. Vietnam, its jungles, its beaches, its food so exotic, its colonial past. All this sounded familiar to me. When I was six, my best schoolmate was born in Saigon. His parents had a Vietnamese restaurant in the north of Paris. I used to eat there almost every day … Continue reading



Let me introduce you to a tall, nice and brilliant guy named Charbel. He is a professor of Engineering in several prestigious universities in France and Lebanon. I met him for the first time before a glass of sweet Coteaux du Layon in a bar in Nantes, France, where people tend to be more relaxed … Continue reading

Lolitas and zombies in Moscow

Have you ever heard about the anime, manga, or lolitas world? If you are familiar with the Japanese pop culture, I bet you have! I was totally unaware of the Japanese pop culture until last Sunday, when I went the festival Hinode 2014 in Moscow. I had a wonderful time! Let me introduce you to 7 … Continue reading

The Dutch: high below sea level

My company sent me to the Netherlands. I was seeing myself enjoying the kind of life I had in Amsterdam when I was 20; Beer, herrings, museums and…no limits fun! But instead, I ended up in the South-East of the Netherlands, in a quiet place called Zeddam. Zeddam is close to the German frontier, in … Continue reading

Откуда слон на Георгиевском соборе в Юрьев-Польском?

На фасаде Георгиевского собора в Юрьев-Польском есть слон! Если Вам удалось заметить слона на Георгиевском соборе в Юрьев-Польском, то Вы очень внимательный! Я даже решил Вам показать слона крупным планом, чтобы вам оставить удовольствие его искать! А ведь мамонты давно исчезли из России, а в 1234 году при строительстве собора цирка еще не было! Давайте … Continue reading


The picturesque Charles Bridge (Karluv most) For a few miles, I got a free fare to Prague for a week-end in December. Just like Budapest, the last time I went to Prague was in 1992. Since that time, Czech Republic integrated the EU, the city benefited from massive foreign investments. The infrastructure greatly improved as … Continue reading


Sri Lanka, the country of reclining Buddhas

I had a prejudice I believe many had before coming to Sri Lanka. I thought it was a sort of Indian Corsica. Sri Lanka is very different actually from its Indian big brother. The majority of inhabitants are Singhalese and they are Buddhists. However, a second ethnic group, the Hindu Tamils lives in the north … Continue reading

The new face of Burma

What would most people think when hearing about Burma? Not something very glorious. Today, Burma has a reputation of being an impoverished country led by a junta dictatorship. In many travel guides, the question of whether it is good or not to go to Burma is still asked. If you go there, that means you … Continue reading


Khmer empire, Khmer Rouge or ethnic Khmer? Cambodia biggest city and country’s capital is Phnom Penh. However, the biggest flow of foreign visitors (about 5 million in 2009) arrives via another point of entry: Siem Reap. It is the airport of a charming former French colonial city, and the nearest to Cambodia’s landmark, the ruins … Continue reading

Sakhalin. An island in the Pacific, North-West of Hawaii

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. This name sounded to me like some inaccessible place in the Russian Far-East. So when I was offered to go to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the midst of the wintertime, I recalled my principle of always being ready for new experience, and never refusing a good offer! I first looked at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on a map to … Continue reading

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