5 Life Lessons I got from 1 year of War

Today, on the 24th of February, is a grievous anniversary. Like many Russians, I decided to leave Russia after the war with Ukraine started. This is always a painful experience as you leave your friends and your cozy home to start a new life with all its challenges. Though, this year taught me valuable lessons … Continue reading

Norilsk and the Putorana Mountains

In a new attempt to go off the beaten track, I felt thrilled, when I was offered to go above the Arctic Circle to a remote place accessible only by air, and closed to foreigners. Have you ever heard about Norilsk? Norilsk is an industrial city in Russia, about 400 km north of the Arctic … Continue reading

Fearless Russian Bikers To Start Victory Journey

Despite chilly wind and sporadic snow, unusual for this period of year in Moscow, there were thousands of motorcyclists today at the motorcycle season opening ceremony. The party took place at the Bike Centre Sexton in the West of Moscow. This place is a Mecca for all Russian bikers, as it is the den of … Continue reading

Lolitas and zombies in Moscow

Have you ever heard about the anime, manga, or lolitas world? If you are familiar with the Japanese pop culture, I bet you have! I was totally unaware of the Japanese pop culture until last Sunday, when I went the festival Hinode 2014 in Moscow. I had a wonderful time! Let me introduce you to 7 … Continue reading

Откуда слон на Георгиевском соборе в Юрьев-Польском?

На фасаде Георгиевского собора в Юрьев-Польском есть слон! Если Вам удалось заметить слона на Георгиевском соборе в Юрьев-Польском, то Вы очень внимательный! Я даже решил Вам показать слона крупным планом, чтобы вам оставить удовольствие его искать! А ведь мамонты давно исчезли из России, а в 1234 году при строительстве собора цирка еще не было! Давайте … Continue reading

Sakhalin. An island in the Pacific, North-West of Hawaii

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. This name sounded to me like some inaccessible place in the Russian Far-East. So when I was offered to go to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the midst of the wintertime, I recalled my principle of always being ready for new experience, and never refusing a good offer! I first looked at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on a map to … Continue reading

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